What is meant by a "project"?

A license is valid for a single of the following projects:

By the way: With your project you can do everything you want!

You can publish your video on YouTube and Facebook and on your website and in the cinema and TV. You can also press it millions of times on DVD. And you can show it at trade fairs and events. (as long as you have the professional license)

Another Example:
You can stage your magic trick as often and in all places as and where you want.

If you want to use a music track in several of the above projects, you must purchase several licenses.

If you want to use a song in an image movie as well as in a telephone queue, you need two professional licenses.

Another example:
If you want to use a song in an intro, an outro and a feature film, you need three professional licenses.

And another example:
If you are using a song in a magic trick and you want to use it in another trick, you need two professional licenses.

*Restrictions on apps

If several media files are combined in one app, a license must be obtained for each individual file.
Example: If 10 different meditations (= 10 WAV or MP3 files, for example) are inserted in a "meditation app", 10 licenses must be purchased.

**Special case: intro and outro

For a song used in an intro, the one-time purchase of a license is sufficient. The intro can then be used as often as you want. If the intro changes visually or acoustically, a new license must be purchased.

***Phone system

When you purchase a professional license for a song, you can use that song in a single company phone system. A telephone system is defined as a base number with extensions (e.g., 0221-12345-0, 0221-12345-1, 0221-12345-2, etc.). For each company (for example, subsidiaries) a separate license must be purchased.

Can a project consist of multiple files?

No. A project can only be one single file (for example, one MP4 video file).

None of these projects matches your project?

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