Valid projects

* On-hold music

If you purchase a Standard License for a song, you can use that song on a single company's call system, defined as a base number with extensions (e.g. 312-555-1111 x101, x102, x103, etc.). A separate license must be acquired for each office/company (e.g. subsidiaries).

Can a project consist of several files?

No. A project can only consist of a single file at a time (for example, one MP4 video file).

What is now allowed?

The use of music without a project is not allowed.
Please note that a song may only be used in one of the creative media projects listed above.

Example 1:
You are a singer and want to sing a text to a song and then publish it?
That is not allowed.

Example 2:
- You want to create a CD and just publish our songs on it? That is not allowed.
- On the other hand, if you want to create a hypnosis CD and use our songs as background music while a speaker teaches listeners how to hypnotize themselves? That is allowed.

Example 3:
You operate a radio station and want to broadcast our music?
That is not allowed.

Example 4:
You have written video editing software and want to sell our music together with the software? That is not allowed.