Action & adventure Dramatic song arrangements with suspense-packed drums and other hectic elements.
Aging Relaxed and stately song arrangements, but also some ponderous and melancholic music titles.
Art Songs that go beyond convention- with experimental sound designs and surprising melodies.
Atmosphere Predominantely broad soundscapes/sound pads create various moods and atmospheres.


Babies & Children Everything you can think of is here-from sentimental lullabies to manic pots and pans drumming.
Bars & Pubs Cozy bar music that's mainly from the country and blues genres, lots of guitar and solid drum beats.
Business, Corporate Serious background music in moderate tempi with subtle melodies and full pad sounds.


Celebration, Party Lilting music titles with a breath of elegance and grace.
Christmas Well-known songs like "Oh Christmas tree", but also others that have a Christmassy feel to them with church bells and sleigh bells.
Comedy Funny, and partly comical songs with witty melodies and slapstick arrangements.
Crime Songs that create the perfect setting for a crime, from petty thieves and robberies to the mighty godfathers of the mafia.


Dancing, Nightlife, Clubs Pulsating and driving tunes from black and dance music genres join forces on these tracks.
Drama Loud and suspensful works that rise to dramatic heights, but also soft and meaningful ballads – with various instrumentation.
Drugs LSD, pot, and shrooms: this is what it sounds like when you´re high.


Friends, Family Happy music that gets you into a good mood with a balanced mix of guitar, piano accompaniment and subtle percussion.


Grooves Animated drum grooves accompanied, for instance, by rhythm guitars. These songs mostly come from the funk tradition.


Horror Scary soundtracks full of fear and terror.


Industry, Production Cool, techno and mostly electronic songs with strong percussion that bring images of production and factories to mind.


Lifestyle, Fashion Pop style uptempo tracks with jiving synths and pumping beats that invite you to strut your stuff on the catwalk.
Love, Romance Heartfelt music titles with sentimental melodies and warm and wooly sound designs, stemming from string and piano instrumentation.


Meditation, Spirituality, Balance These low and midtempo tracks invoke you to relax and enjoy a quiet moment. Most of the songs have spherical sound pads, echoing piano, guitar and synths.
Memory, Desire Expressive songs with melodies full of longing- many with piano and warm string ensembles.
Movie, Soundtrack From the classic blockbuster orchestral music hits to gentle soundscapes and the truly gruesome music of horror flicks. All is awaiting you here.
Mystery Secretive and fabulous sound expeditions in unsual and unknown worlds...


Nature These tracks reflect the true beauty of nature- with expansive sustained reverb, subtle textures and moving melodies.


Real Estate Serious midtempo music with subtle sounds and tame arrangements.
Religion, Gospel The music works under this theme busy themselves with the sounds of church choirs. From traditional hymns to the exuberant and groovy songs of black gospel.


Science Fiction, Space Electronic techno songs with expansive sound pads and subtle textures.
Show, Entertainment Energy-packed tracks with broad synths and ever-present drums, but also with some organic instrumentation and whole lotta suspense!
Sports Powerful mid and uptempo songs- heavy on guitars and beats.


Technology Cool electronic music with broad sound pads and various types of synths.
Traditional Here, various folk music genres mingle together- from sounds of the Orient to sounds of European oom-pa-pa.
Trailer Short and snappy jingles that will catch people´s attention for news messages, intros, outros or audio logos.
Travel & Holidays Songs with positive vibes that give you the desire for sun, sand and a piña colada in your hand as you sit by the sea, but also include sounds from foreign cultures.


War, Military, Violence Raw and revolutionary songs with a darker feeling to their core, often with epic, orchestral arrangements.


Youth Teen pop with superficial synth melodies, but also nostalgic pieces that remind you of some of the best times of your life.

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