Our royalty free background music packages are adapted to the special needs of restaurants, gyms, cafes, supermarkets, doctor's offices, waiting rooms, spas & wellness, lobbies, hotels, shops, bars, solariums, hairdressers, trade fairs, public viewing, circus, Christmas markets, seminars, events, nursery schools, schools and universities and many more.

Each package contains hand-picked songs, which fit optimally to the respective situation. Our background music packages are completely free of any Performing Rights Organization (e.g. ASCAP, SUISA, MCPS-PRS, GEMA etc.) fees. After ordering, you can download the music tracks directly from the customer area.

Please note that our background music packages are not just suitable for one area; for example, you could also use a solarium package in a hotel or a school package in a gym.

Pay once, use forever! (No subscription, no additional fees or follow-up-costs!)

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