Our music licensing: soon to be even easier! By popular demand, we are introducing the Extended License on Monday, July 29, 2019 and replacing the professional license with a more comprehensive Standard License. Find out more


Are all songs free of ASCAP, MCPS-PRS, SACEM...?

Yes, all titles on audeeyah.com are free of any Performance Rights Organization.

Do I have to place a copyright notice within my project?

No, a copyright notice (Personal License & Professional License) is not required.
However, we recommend placing the following copyright notice in order to avoid possible queries by a Performing Rights Organization:
Royalty free music by https://audeeyah.com

How is a copyright notice inserted under the guidelines of the Creative Commons License?

The required copyright notice must be written in this way:

Song title - royalty free music by https://audeeyah.com
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0

You must make sure that the notice is clearly visible in your medium (e.g. as a clear text in a video, as a text link to a website/video portal, as a voiceover in a radio spot etc.)

If it is not possible or not commonly practised to place a copyright notice within the project (e.g. in a radio spot), a Personal License or Professional License is needed.

Do you offer an Internet radio stream?

No, we currently do not offer a stream.

Are there discounts or customized offers?

No. We do not offer discounts or individual offers.

Are there subscriptions?

No. We do not offer any kinds of subscriptions.

I am a musician; can I publish my songs on your website?

Unfortunately not, as we compose and produce all songs in-house. Only then can we make sure that all song rights are 100% safe.


What is considered a “project” ?

An overview of all project types can be found here.


What licenses are available?

Personal License

  • 3€ (incl. tax)
  • Terms of Use: private projects only (cannot be used by or for organizations of any kind)
  • By purchasing this license the user obtains the right to use song material for a single project.
  • You can find detailed information about the licenses here.

Professional License

  • 13 € (incl. tax)
  • Terms of Use: all kind of projects (e.g. commercial use)
  • By purchasing this license the user obtains the right to use song material for a single project.
  • You can find detailed information about the licenses here.

Creative Commons License (By Attribution 4.0 International)

  • Free of charge
  • Copyright notice required
  • The Terms of Use and nature of the project will be exclusively described on the official Creative Commons Website: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0.
  • Song titles under the Creative Commons License are provided with a CC-lcon catalogue number.

What areas of application are possible?

First: Each license is valid for one single project!
With your project (e.g. a video) you can do what you want. Here are some examples (* = only with Professional License):

Social Media

  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube
  • Vimeo
  • Instagram
  • Twitch
  • Xing*
  • Linked In*

Online uses in general

  • Website(s)
  • Blog(s)
  • Intranet*
  • App-Store*
  • Download-Store*
  • Shop*
  • eBay*

Mass media

  • Radio*
  • TV*
  • Movie Theater*

Data Storage

  • DVD
  • BluRay
  • CD-ROM
  • Memory-Stick

More Examples

  • POS*
  • Trade Fair*
  • Public Event*
  • Seminar*
  • Telephone System*

Am I allowed to use a song more than once?

No, you must purchase a new license in order to use the same music again in any given project.

Here are some examples:
You use 1 song in 1 video = 1 license
You use 1 song in 5 videos = 5 licenses
You use 3 songs in 1 video = 3 licenses
You use 3 songs in 5 videos = 15 licenses

Special cases
For a title used in an intro, the one-time purchase of a license is sufficient. The intro can then be used as often as you want.
If the intro changes visually or acoustically, a new license must be purchased.

Within your project:
Within your project (e. g. a video) the song may be used multiple times (e. g. as a loop).

Is there a license that allows me to use a song for an unlimited number of projects?

No, we currently do not offer a license or license extension that allows the use of a song for an unlimited number of projects.

Do you offer exclusive licenses?

No, we currently do not offer exclusive licenses.

I also want to create a short version of a long video or audio. Do I need an extra license for this?

If the short version is communicated or advertised as a stand-alone video or audio, another license must be purchased.

My project needs to be exported to various technical formats. Do I need another license?

No, as long as the content of the project does not change, you can export your project to any number of technical formats.

You want to export your video to a 16: 9, a 1: 1 and a 4: 3 format.
You want to export your podcast episode to WAV, MP3 and AIFF.

What is not allowed?

You may not sell, distribute, or offer the songs, song versions and edited songs or parts thereof separately from a project. So you are not allowed to use our music without a creative project.

Example 1:
- You want to create a CD and simply publish our songs on it? That is not allowed.
- You want to create a hypnosis CD and use our songs as background music with a voice over (e.g. a speaker voices hypnosis instructions)? This is allowed.

Example 2:
You have programmed a video editing software and want to sell our music together with the software. That is not allowed.

Example 3:
You are a singer and want to sing lyrics on a song and then publish it? That is not allowed.

Example 4:
You have a radio channel and you want to stream our music? That is not allowed.

I would like to use a song in an intro. Do I have to buy a license every time I use it?

No! For a song used in an intro, the one-time purchase of a license is sufficient. The intro can then be used as often as you want.

If the intro changes visually or acoustically, a new license must be purchased.

If only the title of the current episode changes, 1 license will be sufficient.

Can I publish videos I created for a customer as a reference on my own website?

You may publish the videos as a reference on your own website without purchasing an additional license.

I'm not sure which license is right for me.

Please answer the following questions one by one:

1) Are you a single individual who creates a project for himself or herself or relatives and friends?
YES - please go to question 2.
NO - the Professional License is the correct license.

2) Is the project in which the song is to be used commercial?
YES - the Professional License is the correct license.
NO - please go to question 3.

3) Will more than 1,000 listeners or viewers see or hear your media?
YES - the Professional License is the correct license.
NO - the Personal License is for you.

A private project became a commercial project. What should I do?

It can happen that the number of subscriptions to your YouTube channel or your video exceeds the 1,000 mark or that you want to earn money through advertising (e.g., ads, product placement, affiliate). In this case you must purchase a Professional License. The previously-purchased Personal License can not be used in this case. The all-round package with no worries about limits can only be enjoyed with the Professional License.

Account & Check Out

I work on behalf of a customer. Can I register it as a licensee?

Yes, if you have registered as a business account, in the last step of the check out process you can enter a licensee address. In this case, the invoice address is issued to you and the licensee address to your customer.

Good to know: Your customer will not be informed about the purchase. His data only appear on the license certificate. No prizes will be published on the license certificate.

Where can I find the invoice?

In the customer area you will find a small gray button at the top right of your order, with which you can download the invoice.

Where can I find the license certificate?

In the customer section with your order you will find a small button on the top right hand side where you can download the license certificate. This document is required if you want to produce DVDs, for example. The license document certifies that the song is royalty free and free of any Performance Rights Organization (e.g. ASCAP, MCPS-PRS, SACEM, GEMA, SUISA, AKM etc.) fees.

Where do I enter my full billing address?

Please enter your full billing address on your first order.

Is it possible to insert own internal notes on the invoice?

Yes, you can activate this feature in your customer area in the right-hand column. Afterwards you can enter individual notes with your next order, which then appears on the invoice.

Can changes be made to the license certificate, the licensee or the invoice after the order has been made?

No. The information entered by you during the check out can not be changed after the order has been completed.

I would like to convert my account from PRIVATE to BUSINESS (or vice versa).

Your selection (private or business) is permanent and can NOT be changed. If you still want to use another type of account, please register with another email address as a new customer.


What song versions are there?

As a free service, we offer many songs with variant versions. Our most popular song variants include:

No Drums

All drums and percussions are removed.

No Melody

The melody is removed.

No Drums, No Melody

All drums, percussions and melodies are removed.

But there´s much more. There are several other versions to choose from such as ambient mixes, tempo or arrangement variations… the list goes on. The variations for each version are in most cases distinguished by their file names.

Do the song versions cost extra?

No, all song versions are included.

What format are the songs in?

Premium License:
All songs and song versions are available in uncompressed WAV, 16 bit, 44,1 kHz format. The same level of quality used for CDs.

Personal License:
All songs and song versions are available in MP3, 192 kbps format.

Preview files:
The preview songs are available in MP3, 128 kbps format.

Are audeeyah songs available anywhere else?

No, all songs are available exclusively through us.

Where can I download the song?

1) Log in with your access data at https://audeeyah.com/login
2) Go to https://audeeyah.com/my-account/orders
3) Click on the square green button next to "standard". The download starts.

Can I edit a song?

You are allowed to do the following changes:

  • Cut
  • Rearrange
  • Transpose
  • Time stretch
  • Fade-in / fade-out
  • Loop
  • Add reverb effects
  • Master

For more information contact: info@audeeyah.com.

If a song is edited, copyright law remains with the initial owner of the work. Sale of the work via the editor with credit to his/her name is not permitted.

I just downloaded the test file of a song. Will the watermark “audeeyah.com” also be audible on the purchased version?

No, only the test versions are marked with a watermark.

Technical information

Listen to songs on the iPhone or iPad

Unfortunately, Apple mobile devices sometimes have problems with the WAV format and syncing in iTunes. In this case, please download the MP3 version in your account (preferably via a computer (Mac or PC)).

To synchronize the music with your iPad or iPhone we recommend the software anytrans. After installation you can connect the iPhone to the computer by cable and easily synchronize the music..

Please note that this issue affects all types of music files, not just files downloaded via audeeyah.
Since Apple is generally very restrictive regarding its audio file management, it is not possible to transfer audio files to a mobile device without a computer or without iTunes.

Are purchases through audeeyah secure?

We protect our customers by using a reliable, high-security business identity validated SSL certificate. The server is located in Germany. Sensitive PayPal or credit card information remains with the respective payment providers, in other words, with your bank.

What will audeeyah do with my information?

audeeyah respects your privacy and will never sell or disclose your personal information to any third party. Additionally, audeeyah will only send emails to customers who wish to be on our mailing lists (such as our newsletter distribution). You can delete your account at any time, and we will not store your information anywhere once it has been removed. To delete your account please email us at info@audeeyah.com.